When it comes to photo editing, the first thing comes to one’s mind is Photoshop. I’m sure you have used Photoshop at least once in your life. A social media marketer can not live without it. Then there are these awesome unicode fonts for complex languages like Hindi and Sinhala. So one might think of using Unicode in Photoshop.

But do they collaborate? Not quite. Simply put, there’s a problem typing unicode in Photoshop. So this is a simple ‘How To’ guide on typing these unicode fonts correctly in Photoshop.

Still don’t understand what I’m saying? See the below example.
Photoshop Unicode Problem

If you can understand even one of the above languages, you can see that they are not in the way there are meant to be. They should be ‘හෙලෝ, ආයුබෝවන්’ and ‘ नमस्ते, स्वागत है ‘. This might be the same with complex fonts like Arabic, Tamil, etc. But I can’t say for sure.

This was a huge pain in the neck when I had to make images with Sinhala text in it for my Facebook page. Do you know what I did back then? Simply, I used ASCII fonts for my job. There is a huge difference between ASCII and Unicode standard fonts. Also typing in ASCII fonts is very tiresome and time consuming because you have to remember which key of the other language is where in the English letter keyboard.

I used this method for about an year without searching for a proper way to do this. But since I have to do this now and then, I went though articles in the internet about Adobe Photoshop. Then I tried something and found this solution.

So this is a screenshot with the error.

Photoshop Unicode Error

Into the solution

Try this with me.

  • In Photoshop, go Edit->Preferences->Type

Photoshop Type Preferences to fix Sinhala Unicode problem

  • Change the text engine to ‘Middle Eastern’ from ‘East Asian’
  • Restart Photoshop
  • Try to type the same thing again in a new document (Don’t open up an older PSD file because it would be in ‘East Asian’ text engine.)

Photoshop Unicode Problem fixed


Now you can see that the text is in the way it should be. I hope this worked out for you too.